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Signal Object

Page history last edited by Ryan Olson 11 years ago

A Signal Object contains all the properties of the current and previous signal.  This object will be most commonly used within the OmniPilot.OnSignal callback.  Note that a Signal Object is different than the oSymbol.Sig property.  The Signal property of a Symbol object reflects only the Signal from the focus list while a Signal Object contains current and prior signal information generated by the voting engine.



Name Type Discription
oSignal.Compression Integer Compression of the timeframe the vote took place
oSignal.CurrentAdv Integer Advisor Rating (Score) of the current bar.
oSignal.CurrentSignal Single Current Signal(s) on the current bar.
oSignal.Periodicity Integer Periodicity the vote took place
oSignal.PreviousAdv Integer Advisor Rating (Score) of the previous bar.
oSignal.PreviousSignal Single Signal(s) fired on the previous bar


Name of the Profile where the vote took place
oSignal.Strategy String Name of the strategy that voted the signal
oSignal.Timeframe String Timeframe that vote took place.


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